New York, Town of Hipsters

Últimamente no dejo de ponerme pantalones de cuero, me encantan y se adaptan tanto a un look más arreglado como a uno algo menos formal. En esta ocasión decidí combinarlos con mi nueva sudadera con mensaje en tonos pastel, mis botas de estilo motero y un gorro, perfecto para el frío que ha hecho últimamente en Madrid. Espero que os guste!

Lately, I wear very often leather pants, I love them and I can get a dressy look or a casual one, depending on how I combine them. For this occasion, I decided to mix them with my new message shirt, biker boots and beanie, perfect for the low temperatures we have now in Madrid. Hope you like it!

DSCN8494 - copia

DSCN8506 - copia

DSCN8522 - copia

DSCN8533 - copia

DSCN8527 - copia

DSCN8543 - copia

Coat: Armani Jeans

Pants: Zara (au/w 13-14)

Boots: Zara (au/w 13-14)

Bag: Chanel

Beanie: Zara (s/s 14)

Jumper: Zara (s/s 14)

One thought on “New York, Town of Hipsters

  1. Rachael Fawcett


    If you are ever selling your hipster Jumper from Zara can you let me know. I have been looking for it forever but had no luck.


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