Graphic Print Skirt

Seguimos con los estampados gráficos, esta vez en una original falda asimétrica que me pareció muy estilosa en cuanto la vi y que decidí combinar con un cropped top en color neutro para compensar con la llamativa falda y una perfecto negra para darle un toque más casual. ¿Os convence el resultado?

We continue with graphic prints, this time in an original asymmetric skirt that I thought it was very stylish when I first saw it. I decided to combine it with a cropped top in white color to balance the flashy skirt and a black jacket to give a casual look to the outfit. Do you like the combination?

DSCN8877 - copia

DSCN8896 - copia

DSCN8900 - copia

DSCN8861 - copia

DSCN8883 - copia

Skirt: Zara (s/s 14)

Shoes: Mango (s/s 13)

Jacket: Zara (old)

Shirt: Zara (s/s 14)

Bag: Zara (s/s 14)

Earrings: Armani



2 thoughts on “Graphic Print Skirt

  1. very elegant and classy

  2. Wow, love this skirt! It’s very unique. Thanks for stopping by on my blog! 😉

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