15 thoughts on “Dance like there’s nobody watching…

  1. Digno de practicarse!!!! Fuera prejuicios y barreras…
    Besos, Emi

  2. Me encanta esta cita, siempre que la leo me da fuerza y confianza. Gracias por compartir guapa.

  3. Great words, being feel to being yourself is key.


  4. Barbirella

    Awesome quote love it. Have a nice day dear. xo


  5. Anita

    Me encanta!!

    Dress to Impress Ibiza

  6. Alors on Dance!!!!!


  7. Great quote!
    melanie @ meandmr.com

  8. Genial frase guapisima!
    Post nuevo guapisima,te espero 🙂

    xx Lisbeth

  9. I agree so far with this words and thougths

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

  10. what a beautiful inspiring quote, thanks for sharing!!!


  11. Well said! Being loved by someone and cherishing love for someone is the best gift from heaven.

  12. what a wonderful motivating quote, much obliged for sharing!!! Being adored by somebody and esteeming love for somebody is the best blessing from paradise.

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